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How to Shut Down Racist Trump Supporters

Donald J. TrumpIn modern America, there are still hundreds of misguided racists skulking around in the shadows coming into the light when they feel justified. Recently, some racists have used President Trump's perceived racism to justify their own irrational hatred toward minorities, but shutting down their hatred is as easy as removing that justification.

Racists, by their very nature, are irrational fools and lack the capacity to form rational conclusions. This article provides the facts used to form a more informed conclusion, but hateful, irrational bigots will stop reading as soon as their preconceived notions are challenged.

Why gun owners are not persuaded by mass shootings

Kid shopping for rifle.In the wake of a mass shooting, sentiments vary, but often sound something like, "Surely now they will believe what we've been saying all along." The irony is that this sentiment comes from both liberal, anti-gun folks on the left and conservative, pro-gun folks on the right.

The appearance of this conviction paralleled in groups of Americans with wildly opposed views seems ironic until we realize that mass shootings are convincing both sides that they are right. Both sides of the argument have beliefs that are reinforced every time a mass shooting occurs.

Gun Control: Misconception versus History, Science and Math

Christopher Sean Harper-Mercer Last week, Christopher Sean Harper-Mercer murdered eight of his classmates. This tragic mass school shooting, coming right on the heels of the last one only three years ago, carries special weight because the murderer took his own life and deprived the American people of a sense of justice.

When the murderer in these cases cannot be made to face justice, the natural scapegoat is guns. Cries for "enhanced background checks", "common sense gun control" or "ban guns like Australia" fill the airwaves and social media sites, but these wouldn't have prevented the Sandy Hook tragedy or the recent tragedy in Oregon.

Why are law-abiding citizens avoiding police interactions?

Fair DUI FlyerCriminals have always looked for ways to avoid police, but now law-abiding citizens are finding creative new ways to avoid police interactions. It seems like every day there is a new video on the internet of a citizen refusing to roll down the window at a checkpoint or asking, "Am I being detained?"

Some law enforcement officers see this desire on the part of innocent citizens to avoid police interaction as a problem and are responding with aggression, strong-arm tactics and even violence. A deeper look shows that the desire to avoid police interactions is only a symptom of a deeper problem and these responses only make the root problem worse.

Government dependency at record high under Obama.||| federal government operates more than 80 means-tested programs to provide assistance to around 100 million people. The programs provide cash, food, housing, medical care and social services exclusively to poor and low-income individuals.

Obama has expanded these programs to record amounts during his presidency, but just how much has government dependency increased. The only way to know is by looking at the numbers.

Welfare is not a subsidy to minimum-wage employers.||| and McDonalds are in the news every week as examples of greedy corporations that force their employees to collect welfare and food stamps in order to avoid starving to death in their Section 8 homes. This is a convenient conclusion if one wants to raise minimum wage, but it is false at its core.

Taxpayers are justified in blaming somebody for costing them billions in government-provided benefits, but that blame rests squarely on the shoulders of the recipients of those benefits. Corporations that hire low-skilled workers deserve our thanks for helping people become productive members of society.

Al Sharpton opens fool mouth and inserts foot

Media darling Al Sharpton is back in the spotlight and attacking laws designed to protect victims and proven to reduce violent crime. All but a tiny minority is ignoring him.

Sharpton's disappointment at George Zimmerman's acquittal led him to crusade in the capital of Florida on March 10th for the repeal of a Florida law that is credited by many for reducing violent crime by 42%. Florida's Statute 776, also known as the "Stand Your Ground Law", empowers victims of violent crime to fight back and grants immunity from prosecution and litigation to victims who defend themselves from violent criminals.

Stand Your Ground laws significantly reduce violent crime

Increasing minimum wage does not solve poverty

In the short term it seems like raising minimum wage is a great idea and an easy way to eliminate poverty. A closer look shows that minimum wage isn't the problem.

The poor aren't poor because they earn minimum wage. In fact, a full-time worker earning minimum wage lives well above the poverty level.

So, if minimum wage isn't causing poverty, what is? Poor decision-making skills and lack of discipline are partly to blame for long-term poverty, but short-term poverty is caused by unemployment.

Why we need to believe in Global Warming||/image.php?image=ineptocracy/snowman.jpgAl Gore told us that the arctic ice sheet would be gone by 2013, but the Earth now has more sea ice than ever previously recorded. America experiences record low temperatures and record snow falls every year.

The evidence is literally everywhere, but a diminishing percentage of Americans still feel the need to believe in Global Warming--almost religiously. Global Warming Denial has become the heresy of the 21st century, but it's not based in religion or even in science.

Weather is not the same as climate

The most common argument to dismiss these inconvenient truths is that individual events do not represent the overall global climate. While Hurricane Katrina was touted by the Global Warming crowd as irrefutable proof that global warming is real, record low temperatures and massive blizzards are played down as irrelevant--some misdirected souls even try to use these increasingly brutal Winters as evidence of Global Warming!

Illinois versus Oklahoma

You keep using the phrase 'Chicago style politics'.  I do not think it means what you think it means.This keen email was one of many that I receive in a day talking about any number of topics. Unlike the other emails, I immediately had a desire to forward this one.

Special thanks to my friend Faye for forwarding this to me. Included in the email at the bottom is a link to Snopes verifying that the contents of the email are true.

A Better Solution than Washington's GMO Labeling Initiative 522

Now that the voters of Washington have defeated the GMO-Labeling Initiative 522 the rest of America can scratch its collective head and wonder why some people proposed the GMOs be labeled and why others did not want them labeled. Additionally, we can take a moment to ponder an even better idea than labeling GMOs.

This article is neither an attack on nor a defense of GMO. There are no claims from nameless scientists who say that GMOs are bad for you or good for you. No farmers from either side are quoted here. Only the incentives on both sides of Initiative 522 are presented in this article as a way to try to understand why there are two conflicting opinions on the subject and how they are so evenly balanced.

Affordable Care Act Makes Care Less Affordable|||||| appears that the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, has been implemented and is being used by many Americans even while plagued by problems. The biggest problem is that it makes healthcare less affordable instead of more affordable.

President Obama made a lot of promises to get this bill passed in the House and Senate. America was told that Obamacare is not a tax, Americans with insurance can keep it and Obamacare will lower the deficit. These promises were all broken, but the broken promise that hurts the most is that healthcare would be affordable.

Minimum wage should be left up to local governments|||||||||||||||||| summer of 2013 will be remembered for the fast food employees who failed to strike for a doubling of the minimum wage. What made them think that America is a nation where legislation has replaced hard work as a way to earn more money?

There are many arguments as to why it is important to raise minimum wage at the federal level that are based on the assumption that hard work is no longer the path to wealth. Those arguments will be addressed along with the exaggerated sense of entitlement that has become the hallmark of today's minimum-wage earning generation.

Why Can't Our Politicians Just Repeal the Second Amendment Already?

Delbert 'Shorty' Belton, a WW2 veteran, was murdered by two teenagersThe murder of 88-year-old Delbert "Shorty" Belton devastated Spokane, Washing this week. Unlike the recent murder of Christopher Lane which drew immediate fire from gun control advocates and is also a senseless tragedy, celebrities and politicians seem to have left blame for the murder of Delbert Belton on the two men who murdered him.

What happened to all of the racism in America?

Rosa Parks resisted segregation in Montgomery, Alabama and sparked a civil rights revolution.Minorities in America faced hatred and intolerance every day in America just 70 years ago. Today that racism is nearly impossible to find and exists only in a small, voiceless minority.

How did America go from a nation where minorities were treated like chattel to a nation that embraces diversity? When did America become the nation where children are not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character?

A new era without the need for racism

Why are politicians ignoring our cries to repeal "Shoot First" laws?

Parents of Trayvon Martin believe Stand Your Ground caused the death of their son, want laws repealed.The parents of Trayvon Martin have spoken out against Florida's Stand Your Ground law. Most politicians are ignoring them.

Al Sharpton and Benjamin Crump have called for political leaders to review the Stand Your Ground laws or even repeal them. Stevie Wonder has gone so far as to refuse to play in any State that has a Stand Your Ground law.

Top ten tips to ensure Zimmerman is guilty

This weekend a jury of George Zimmerman's peers found him innocent of second degree murder and manslaughter. The problem is that the jury members were exposed to too much evidence and, with a complete picture of what happened that night, they had no choice but to tragically acquit Zimmerman.

In order to prevent this from happening again, we need to ensure that conclusions are formed with just an abbreviated subset of convenient facts. With fabricated evidence that paints Zimmerman as a racist we can ensure that he does not receive a just verdict a second time and that he is forever marked as a murderer.

Paradigm shift: facts Zimmerman haters are missing

Many Americans believe that Trayvon Martin was acting in self-defense when he attacked George Zimmerman on February 26th, 2012. If so, we must ask ourselves, "Why did Trayvon wait four minutes to circle back to Zimmerman and then defend himself by sucker-punching a man who was waiting for the police?" That's right: Trayvon Martin ran away before Zimmerman got out of his car and then came back four minutes later to "defend himself".

Eric Holder opposes 42 percent decline in violent crime

In October of 2005 the people of Florida passed nearly unanimously the "Stand Your Ground" law which simply extended the "Castle Doctrine" from the home to any place a person has a legal right to be. Since then violent crime in Florida has declined by an amazing 42%.

To be fair, the "Stand Your Ground" law (Florida Statute 776) was passed into law just after the 10-20-Life law (Florida Statue 775) which gives mandatory sentences to criminals who use a gun in the commission of a felony. The Stand Your Ground law is not a gun law, but the 10-20-Life law is.

Racists disapointed by justice

Yesterday the racially-motivated case against George Zimmerman culminated in acquittal on all charges. Many were convinced that Zimmerman was guilty of murder because Zimmerman is white and his attacker was of a different race. The prosecution was unable to convince the jury that Zimmerman is a racist and that he shot Trayvon Martin to death because he was a black man.

Snowden not the only one wanted for extradition

Recently there has been a lot of finger pointing and feigned hurt feelings over the case of Edward Snowden. Snowden revealed that the United States has been spying on its citizens for years and has now been accused of spying.

Assault weapons are protected under the second ammendment

In the wake of the Sandy Hook school shooting a lot of politicians are setting their sights on the guns of law-abiding citizens. Their logic is simple enough: if there are no guns, then there can be no more school shootings. Right?

The problem is that their logic is too simple and their view on the subject too myopic. Besides being unconstitutional, it's unreasonable to criminalize everything that can be used to hurt somebody.

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Romney's solution to Obamacare is Obamacare

In a televised speech the Republican nominee was quick to promise a repeal of "Obamacare" on his first day in office identifying it as "Bad Policy". Mitt Romney goes on to identify the problems with President Obama's Affordable Care Act. The complete speech is available here.

Comparing quotes with facts

Obamacare raises taxes on the American people by approximately five hundred billion dollars.

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